The Modern Grimm started off as a project to go alongside a paper I was writing for a class. The paper came and went, but alas no comic with it. I have been meaning to get back into drawing for quite some time, but I keep getting distracted by other stuff. I’m doing this since I just need to adapt the stories/characters and do some design stuff, and I can start a comic pretty quick. There will be some experimental stuff mixed in as far as the art goes, but it should be fun.

This version of the fairy tales is meant to be more modern, either in the characterization, the setting, or other aspects of the stories. Some stories are still set far in the past, while others are set far in the future, or closer to the modern day. Ideally, I would like to complete all the Grimm stories for this project, but I will just be going in order and getting as far as I can into the collection

-Briar Rose

I am a hobbyist comicker, and this will be my first published comic. I live in Arizona’s Mojave Desert, not too far away from the Colorado River. Currently, I am going to school and studying to become a teacher. You can get more updates about what I am up to at: The Briar Patch. My Twitter. My Facebook Page.